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Bilingual Staffing

Translation has a great pool of talent that can perform the role that you need to fill. We offer reliable employees for temporary or long-term hire

Legal Support

The interpretation of international laws and legal concepts are vital to many businesses. We understand such legal relations and have the highest respect for confidentiality and legal ethics

Travel Services

Atlanta Translation can provide tour guides for your business or personal trips. Whether it is sightseeing or traveling to a function, our tour guides have a vast knowledge of the Atlanta area

Immigration Documents

Atlanta Translation knows that the immigration process can be a tough one. Our translators can help you prepare the documents you need accurately and promptly

Our Services

Atlanta Translation can provide consecutive interpreters for events such as conferences, seminars, court hearings and many types of situations where an interpreter may be needed. Our simultaneous interpreters are extremely proficient in their languages and specializations so their deep knowledge and experience can be put to great use to provide the high level interpreting that you need

Some translated documents need to be certified and notarized. An Apostille Certification may also be needed. Examples of documents that may require notarization or certification include passports, birth certificates and green cards. Atlanta Translation can handle these documents for you as well as other important items such as marriage licenses. We charge very fair rates and will complete the assignment in a strict, timely manner

Atlanta Translation can provide consecutive interpreters for your conference, meeting or event where an interpreter is needed. Our simultaneous interpreters have the language skills and expertise to handle your interpreting needs. Atlanta Translation can provide state-of-the-art equipment for your meetings as well as conference booths for your conferences that are in great condition and will exceed your expectations. We understand that the quality of the equipment and interpreting conditions can affect the output of the content. Therefore, we will provide only the best equipment and technology for your needs. We can even provide a technician to help with the setup. Atlanta Translation can also help you plan your meeting and assist with the translation of your manuals, videos, and PowerPoint slides

Atlanta Translation can provide translators and interpreters for literally any event that you may attend or oversee. We can provide services for elite clients such as diplomats or celebrities while catering to every other type of attendee that you may have. We work with our clients to choose the best method of interpreting or translating for their event

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