Consecutive Interpreting

Atlanta Translation can provide consecutive interpreters for your conference, meeting or event where an interpreter is needed.  Our simultaneous interpreters have the language skills and expertise to handle your interpreting needs.

Atlanta Translation can provide state-of-the-art equipment for your meetings as well as conference booths for your conferences that are in great condition and will exceed your expectations. We understand that the quality of the equipment and interpreting conditions can affect the output of the content. Therefore, we will provide only the best equipment and technology for your needs. We can even provide a technician to help with the setup. Atlanta Translation can also help you plan your meeting and assist with the translation of your manuals, videos, and PowerPoint slides. We can record your meetings and provide a high quality sound recording for your needs. Atlanta Translation can also provide electronic transcripts or hard copies of your materials.

Atlanta Translation offers:

• General Language translation, guide and escorting services, and public translation assistance

• Business, Commercial, and Technical translation services

• VIP presentation support and exclusive translation support for speakers and audiences.

Our interpreters are intelligent and understand the importance of high level strategies and clear, crisp negotiations. Atlanta Translation has the right interpreter for your job, whether it is in the Atlanta city limits or outside the perimeter.