Atlanta Translation works hard to deliver every project on time and with high quality. Our translators are highly trained in the subjects they translate and they possess high levels of linguistic proficiency.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

Atlanta Translation can provide consecutive interpreters for events such as conferences, seminars, court hearings and many types of situations where an interpreter may be needed. Our simultaneous interpreters are extremely proficient in their languages and specializations so their deep knowledge and experience can be put to great use to provide the high level interpreting that you need.

Telephonic Interpretation

Atlanta Translation’s interpreters are qualified to translate for just about anyone in any conditions. Whether it is a medical, legal, government, or emergency setting such as a 911 calls – our interpreters can handle the job. Atlanta Translation understands that our clients work in many different environments and we make sure our translators and interpreters can adapt and conquer any situation that requires language assistance. We have noise reduction technology that is state-of-the-art, so we can interpret for you and will do it with clarity and professionalism.


Atlanta Translation can interpret in just about any environment or situation. We have interpreters that can provide assistance for a variety of different fields such as medical, legal, and government operations. Bring us your industry and Atlanta Translation can provide the solution. Our interpreters are well versed in their language or languages of specialty and can support you with accuracy and professionalism. We strive to provide a pleasurable experience, and it is easy to do with our advanced noise reduction technology and quick connections to live interpreters that will have you moving much faster than your competitors.