Atlanta Translation is a leader in translating audio or video files and voice-over enhancement, as well as creating subtitles for your intended market.
Things have changed. That is why you’re here. Digital is in now, and we can put your communications in many media types. Whether it is audio, 2d video, text or animation – we can do it for you. If you want to take us for a test drive, send us a video, audio, text or PowerPoint file that you would like to have translated and we will format it in the form you desire, for free.
Atlanta Translation’s staff has many years of experience in translating and other areas such as composing subtitles and dubbing. Our expertise extends to VOIP and Rich Media as well as audio/video recording and production. Atlanta Translation’s services are the best available because our voice proofreaders and voice-over artists are the best at what they do. We can translate in a wide variety of languages and can put our work in many formats.

Some of the audio formats we can work with include:

• WAV format
• TIFF format
• AIFF format
• XMF format
• FITS format

Other audio and video formats that Atlanta Translation can handle include:

• 3GP
• Flash Video (FLV)
• Matroska
• MJ2
• MPEG (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2)
• QuickTime
• MP4
• Ogg
• RM (Real Media)
• Various other formats and containers such as SVI, VOB, DivX, MXF, GXF, NUT, ratDVD